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Charged rental fees on vehicle purchase.

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This company misrepresents the interest rates they charge. In addition, they absolutely are not to be trusted to follow through with any promises any of their staff make. They say one thing, and do another. Absolutely the most disreputable company in this space. They have several layers of people that allow them to all speak to their own interests, but at the end of the day, the client gets hosed. After working with them nearly full term, the... Read more

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I've had 2 equipment leases with Direct Capitol and have had no problems with them at all. I did repay loans back early and got no discounted finance or interest charges back but I knew i wouldn't. Direct Capitol carried me through the process from start to finish. I received prompt responses from my reps during the whole process even after the loans where satisfied. Would I use them again.....yes...Direct Capitol provided me funds I needed to... Read more

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Financing is a necessary evil at times when you need equipment for your business. Direct Capital is not the place to get it. They charge you an upfront processing fee, and interest which is understandable. What they do is slip in your 1st months payment as a "Rental Fee", and they charge you a fee when you complete the contract, The EF Agreement states that there is "a termination fee up to $379". You would think that if you finished your... Read more

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A man called my mother about my husband. He told her it was for a fraud claim (illegal) against him. She gave me 2 different numbers and a claim number that he had given her (illegal). I called and he told me it was for a bad check (illegal to tell anyone but the person the claim is against). He then told me my husband owed over $5000 for a payday loan (wrong). He asked me if we had been served yet and then told me they were getting paperwork... Read more

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I worked for them and it is nothing but a boiler room operation of gangsters. These guys are rich because they know how to legally scam every penny from any business out there. They have a bunch of telemarketers on an automatic dialers fishing for business with lies and nothing but false promises, once they get you to sign on the dotted line you are done. They have a team of lawyers that take care of all their dirty work, because that's where... Read more

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Their tactics are ridiculous they don't care to understand what situation a person might be at that time. They said payment needs to be paid off today or I'd be going to jail!

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On June 4 2016, I received a judgement note from a Cohn & Dussis LLC, a law firm reprensenting Direct Capital Corporation from my daughter in Maryland. A one Kwame Acheampang person of Ashanti Enterprises in New Hampshire has incurred a whopping $7365 charges for the business in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.The business, for whatever they do, was taken to court. Kwame Acheampang and Ashanti Enterprises defaulted and a judgement was entered against... Read more

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I am a physician who was purchasing expensive capital equipment from the laser company, Cynosure. I did not have any previous knowledge or experience with Direct Capital. They were the partnering company who was running credit checks and doing the lease financing for Cynosure. I was given a final price and asked to sign the sales agreement,which had no financing or interest rates On it on the day of the sale at the conference I was attending and... Read more

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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.. Beware of upfront dishonesty about interest rates, and payment terms. Was quick to take my account information and charge me first and last months payment even after I told them I wasn't getting my equipment for 2 months.. Not to mention their additional $200 fee for them raping me on the interest rate... When I called to voice my concern they didn't return calls and just passed around to different departments.. Now I... Read more

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