I called Direct Capital, they stated on phone they could and would loan me money for a piece of equipment.

Then they need this and that, financials, credit references, I mailed the extra info to them, They didn't get the financial info I mailed,

Never returned my phone calls.

If you every get contracts, it is a whole other thing, from what they said on phone, to many fees, fees for fees.

Direct capital is a complete waste of time.

They have many complaints, all over the place.

They have a poor BBB report.

Stay away from Direct Capital!!! Beware stay away.

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Poor Ms. Anonymous , they need some info to loan you money....how dare they, your clearly credit worthy...get real people. I checked DCC's BBB and they are rated an A+......that's the best rating they have, DUH.

Go back to work, stop whinning and start WINNING!!


Any financial transaction requires financial documents. I've never worked with anyone who didn't.

Why on earth would you mail the docs?

I've always worked through email. After all, this is 2011 and everyone should have the means to scan and send PDFs.

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