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I am not used to dealing with *** operations and completely assumed they were above board since they were connected to e-bay.

I posted the details here:

Short version:

They lie about how long it will take (can live with that).

Unforgivable: The understood that the most important thing to me was the interest rate and I was completely clear about that. I was assured it would be less than 7% and probably close to 5% given my near perfect credit rating. After endless delays of paperwork making a 24 hour small financing take 2 weeks which was expensive enough, they then sent the paper work to our company, took the first payment, and when directly asked where the interest rate was REFUSED TO ANSWER. We had to back it out of the payment schedule and found they signed us up to 21%! When confronted about this, complete line of bull was delivered saying that we can write off interest on our taxes. When we cancelled the process due to misrepresentation, they keep your fees. Beware of this *** operation!

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DC advertises a 4.99% rate but it's simply a "bait". Do your due diligence.

No one offers 4.99%, not CIT, not GE Capital, NO ONE... Especially not a "broker" in New Hampshire!


After realizing the exorbitant rates that we were actually paying, we called to try to pay off our "loan" 2 years early. The payoff amount was actually higher that the total of the outstanding payments due.

These guys are bandits, pure and simple. Today we got the "final" invoice and there is a $379 termintation fee to get them to release our title.

The attorney general really needs to take a hard look at these guys. They are nothing better than loan sharks!


;) :p :sigh :( :cry :cry :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :x :( :roll :)


My experience with Direct Capital reeks of scam. Starting with refusing to disclose interest rate, to never getting any call back for any question-ever-, to finishing the loan and never getting any docs to prove I own the equipment despite several calls, to finally a year later getting a bill for "cancellation" fee and never getting a call back to explain it.

finally did get through to someone at the insistence of my bookkeeper. He explained that this fee was in fact buried in the contract and in confirming that i realized I still had a deposit in their hands, to which inquiry i was promised a call back that never came. Today, two months later I get a routine call to see if they can rent me some more money and I tell the lady that I wont be doing business with Direct Capital bc of the constant lack of follow through, she got the guy to call me back about the deposit and he said that our pmt was late 7 times over the 10 years we had our leases and so the deposit is forfeited...BUT he's been authorized to wave the cancellation fee... i don't know if we were really late 7 times, it is possible, but i'm sure we were penalized severely for it at the time if so, so this grabbing of the deposit is highly questionable (but could well be in the contract) and clearly egregious.

The diff btwn the deposit and the 'cancellation fee" is only $250 so it isn't worth trying to fight for it. I'll just be going elsewhere from now on.

oh, I'm sure i'll never see the docs transferring title of my equipment bc he promised he'd have them sent over right away, as always.

but my question is this, is there any leasing company that isn't a den of scumbags? is there a straight-forward upfront honest leasing company in the USA?


I'm in the finance business too. Watch out for these guys.

I compete with them for equipment business. One time we were competing for a client. I had quoted a true 6.99% Fixed financing over 5 years. They told client that they could get him a 5.99% for 5-years.

Client was ready to sign their paperwork. i told client to let me take a look at their offer.. I said I'd be the first to tell him it's a better deal. Sure enough their monthly payment was $120.00 per month higher than what I was offering..

I called client back and said "How can their rate be lower but monthly payment be higher?" He signed my loan within the hour. It's all smoke and mirrors over there when it comes to rate.

When dealing with any finance company you should always be comparing payment to payment. That way will be able to see the true cost of a loan/lease.


Yet another victim of the same BS from them here. I am PISSED too! I'd be happy to be part of a class action if anyone is working on one, please contact me.


Direct Capital recently That they bought out ALLIED INTERSTATE. A company know for fraud and even has a book about it Fooling some people all of the time.

Also you can report to the New Hampshire federal trade commision.

If you had a problem with this. I feel a Class action lawsuit is what they have earned.


I used to work for them and they teach you to lie, cheat and steal your money right out from under you. They would have us tell people they were getting 5-8% interst rates when in fact it was 20-25%.

I personally saw the FBI stop by for "chats" on 3 seperate occassions. Made me sick to my stomach and had to leave because I wouldn't lie to people.


Duh, do you work for free? When you get a 0% loan for a new car do you really think the bank is financing it for free?

(in essence taking a loss)

If you don't know, 0% is a marketing and your interest is added to the vehicle cost and the. Finance company short funds the dealership in order to get their interest. Hence the "0% financing or $4000 cash back promo's dealers run.

Where is the 4k coming from?? Interest of course.

If you don't know, now you know.


Interest rates are highly regarded but rarely calculated correctly. There are many ways of accounting for interest. APR is a complicated algorithm that few can manually calculate. Simple interest declining principal (state law in CA). Every bank or financial institution in the country posts their lowest rates for all to see (as well they should), fact is less than 25% of applicants qualify for those and when it comes to commercial financing, even fewer qualify. For businesses interest and rates is important because it's needed to calculate the interest for tax deductions but if you finance on an APR based loan and use cash accrual accounting methods or even GAAP, you might not amortize the interest in the calculations. Point being, rate is relative only for accounting and the most important thing to understand when financing is your payment X's your term is the total cost.

It baffles me when people claim bait and switch when THEY don't qualify for the advertised rate. Get real. If your asking anyone what the rate is, you'll need to either clarify how you want it presented or take the payment and multiply it by the term to make your decision, 8% apr on 300k over 30 is a HUGE total payout and 8% APR on 30k over 3 yrs is NOT.

If your looking for financing and complain about what your being charged or presented than SHAME on YOU because at the end of the day, you either take it and sign docs or you don't. Regardless of what anyone "tells" you, you make the decision so you make your bed and you lay in it.


Anonymous, I have had nothing but good experiences with Direct Capital. I was able to lock in at 7%.

They also told me that they had a program at 5%, but given some things that were reporting on my business bureau I wasn't able to secure that.

Sometimes we are so pushy on rate, we force the sales rep to give us the best they can before the deal is approved.


Biggest rip off ever. If you want to get screwed than call Direct capital...


They will find ways to not honor the zero finance 24/36 months free interest.

It's a big mislead, lied, scam name it they got it....

Direct Capital is out to get your money, every which way


*we should report them to Federal Trade Commission.

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