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Paul Ringette, VP of Sales at Direct Capital left me his phone # on this sight. I got a hold of him at 9AM on Friday Oct 30th and he asked me for a list of the issues I had.

He said stay by the phone at 2 O'clock and I will have an answer for you. I must say I started the conversation very much on the defensive but after talking with him I felt that he really was going to help. So at 2 O'clock he called as promissed and we went over the issues and he solved them to my saticfaction. He went beyond just looking to see what the computer told him I believe he must have manually pulled the paperwork and resolved the issues.

I feel that if there is another issue in the future I have a person there that will take the time to look into it. I don't think it's fair to throw all the complaints Paul's way but he is the man. If anyone reading this thinks I work for Direct Capital

just email me at capeprinter48@aol.com and I will be glad to give you my business phone #.

I am convinced that had I talked to Paul first I would not have ended up on this and many other consumer sites. But I feel that I owe it to Paul to go to each site and report what finally happened with this issue.

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did u get approved for anything? was your request for funds granted? did they deliver?

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