Belfast, Maine

Make sure that you know what you are in for before signing with Direct Capital. The salesmen are very misleading We utilized them to purchase equipment payed their high interest(never late)at the end of the term they wanted $2000 to buy out the lease.

The biggest problem with this is that I explicitly told the salesperson(who is now gone ) that I did not want this type of loan.Meanwhile they have taken my security deposit and continued to take payments from my account totalling $2000.00 that these criminals have stolen from my business. Yes I am pissed and hope that anyone who uses Direct Capital is ready to get screwed!!!!!!!

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you work for a criminal organization, you know it, i know it, and everyone who has ever worked there knows it.... quit lying to yourself to make a buck, it will make it easier to sleep at night.


Hello Anonymous. Our customer care team noticed your review regarding your experience with our company. Direct Capital Corporation services thousands of customers each year and although our goal is provide the best financial products with the best service in the industry occasionally a customer’s experience may fall short of our high standards and expectations.

Your satisfaction is critical to our continued success. In the event we identify a situation that falls short of your expectations our policy is to reach out and attempt to resolve your issue in a satisfactory manner.

Unfortunately is an anonymous web site. This makes it hard for us to attempt a remedy without your participation.

I invite you to please email me at or call me at (603) 373-1927 at your earliest convenience so we may review your information. I look forward to working with you on resolving your complaint.


Mary Randall

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