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I wanted to log-in here to support Direct Capital. I must admit, I almost did not decide to work with them after reading these reviews, but I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. I made sure I clearly understood everything before finalizing my loan. The experience tunred out just fine. They processed my loan fast, everyone I worked with was friendly, my rep sent me a handwritten postcard to thank me afterward and I received an iPad as part of a promotion they were running. Good stuff.

I would definitely do business with them again. Thought everyone should know.

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Do NOT believe ANY positive comments/reviews about this company. They don't just hire dishonest people to lie and bait you into a contract! They also hire them to pretend to be a happy customer and go on a complaint website to make positive comment about their own company.


Clearly the positive comments are coming from Direct Capital themselves. The internet is rampant with negative reviews regarding this company and their shady business practices.

If a review seems too good to be true, it probably isn't.


I too have worked with Direct Capital and for every negative complaint I read, I just scratch my head because this company always provided me with great service. I guess to each his own, like a restaurant, great for most not so great for some.

For every one complaint you read here there are probably 100,000 happy customers. I'm happy to see that I can post a compliment on this site because the only forums out there are to post negative things and I've had a great relationship with Direct Capital and wanted to share with all!


In my 15 yrs in business, I've financed over 40 pieces of equipment. 4 years ago I received an email from Direct Capital with a cash back offer if I used them for financing.

I was apprehensive, I'd financed with my bank for years and I also worked with a company out of CA called Balboa. Direct Capital not only smoked Balboa's payment, they were very competitive with my bank as well. I did the deal, received $500 for financing with them (cha Ching)! Since then I have used them as an alternative to my bank and have completed 3 leases with 2 more still going on now.

Experience has been great and service is unparralled. Try the folks, they will treat you just like you treat your customers/ partners!


I also decieded to give Direct Capital a chance because they were giving me a southwest airline gift card. I read the negative chatter here so I made sure to get two other quotes. Not only did they beat the payments of there others, I was able to sign all documents electronically and have my vendor funded within of 36 hours of applying. The process was extremely professionally done and not only did I save money, I got to take my family on vacation with my southwest gift card!

This company has been in business for 17 years, I reviewed their corporate references and was very pleased with the results. Great feedback from prominent banks and partners. All and all I was pleased with the process and will definatley continue to work with this company!

Thanks Direct Capital!!!!

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