Without doubt these guys are the biggest scammers i have ever dealt with, stay away from them they promised you everything and deliver nothing, they tell you they will ring you in 5 minutes and never get back to you, and getting a payout amount is even harder to try and get, they talk well on the phone and promise the world but give nothing, also check out the fine print and interest and with holdings they take, still with banks or companies with a proven record the main guy to watch for is bill penagko says hes the owner and boss but is really a small *** in a bigger scam

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Do a search for Justin Dearborn he definately works there...

Same story...


It appears this was intended for a differnt leasing company as bill penagko is not an employee at Direct Capital. If you do an internet search for the name, another finance company is shown. This is a common issue with this site.

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