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They told me they would advance me $10,000.+ and take a set amount from my account Monday - Friday, I had to pay $220 loan fee. I made I very clear that I did not want to change credit card processors Mr.S said I would get refunded if my processor didn't get approved.

so I sent the check. Then I got a s.

load of paper work, all to change processors. When I complained he lied and said I would get my money back if I wasn't approved for their processor, and NO REFUND!

They are Swindlers

Monetary Loss: $220.

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Of course they require a monetary commitment. They are a sub-prime lender working with consumers who have less than stellar credit.


:cry :cry :cry

You expected a company to give you 10 grand, but they needed YOUR money first? omg, ppl actually fall for this ***?

:cry :cry :cry

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