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Do not send any money until they send you a contract. The loan agent, are very, very pushy.

Especially the one I worked with, pushy to the point of being rude. Be very careful, there are alot of fees that they do not tell you about until it is too late. They will have you send money first and then send you the contract and that is when you will find out about all the other fees they don't want you to know about until they have your money. When you question these fees, you will not get a direct answer other than them telling you that they already have your money and it is not refundable if you back out.

You are left with either loosing a couple of thousand or proceeding with loan. Request contract first, read it and understand it. If they do not agree to send you the contract first, go find another company because they are about to take your money without disclosing all fees to you.

Biggest mistake I ever made getting involved with this company. There are better companies out there.

Review about: Direct Capital Loan.

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Exact same experience and opinion. I think it is disillusioning that companies are willing to scam, deceive, and ultimately outright cheat honest people just trying to do business. This world is sure not what it used to be...

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