I looked into Direct Capital for equipment leasing. They were very friendly and contacted me right away.

The first thing they wanted was a processing fee, 1st and last months payments via direct debit from my checking account. They sent a "terms sheet" where I was given an option to choose my payment terms and the total amount of funds due at signing this sheet. At this point I was under the impression this was a done deal. After they got my money and signed terms sheet everything started changing.

I had not yet been approved and my funds are now not refundable. Look out!!! I don't know if I'll ever get my 1st and last payments refunded. I did not sign the contract and cancelled the whole deal.

This could obviously be a expensive lesson for me to learn. Don't trust this company, once they have your money they change the game and they made out like bandits.

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I have had the exact experience, but I did foolishly go ahead with the deal since they already had $3200 that I could not get back, even after they had "accidently" changed my agreed upon interest rate of 6% before the "Upfront payment" to 7% when the written terms came out. And, the term sheet never mentioned the interest rate.

In fact, throughout all the documents I have from them, the interest rate is NEVER mentioned in writing! I would have never found it if I had not done the amortization myself. If you think things were sleazy at your level of interaction, you should hear what is disguised later in their processes. The customer is absolutely the loser with these people.

These guys are big time scammers. I am not done with them yet. Still fuming and still taking it in the shorts. I am gathering my strategies.

I am nearly 60, but I have learned a huge lesson about the world of "leasing". Now I understand why financial consultants refer to leasing as "fleecing"!!!


I've dealt with Direct Capital over the last 5 yrs, 3 leases for my landscaping business. They provided me capital to buy equipment so I could use my bank line for day to day operations. Their service is spot on and I'll continue working with them as long as they will keep approving my company!

My advice to this post is to ask to speak with a manger. This company is not in business to "keep" your money, they are in business to fund leases. In response to "ink boy"'s post, sorry to hear you went out of business but you are still obligated to pay your debts. That's a fact, can't complain about them asking you to live up to your obligation. Jeez.

As far as Gaudinier's post, you seem to think you will be able to sue your way to success. I guess you can try but my advice is to try it the old fashion way, EARN IT. Sound crazy to you? Probably does, so sue me.

At the end if the day, businesses need equipment and working capital to survive and prosper, direct capital has been providing fair and fast service for 16 years so I know they are doing things right.

Thank you Direct Capital, with your help I weathered the recession and have my business back tracking to 2M in AGR for 2011!!!!


I completely understand. My post was very accurate, and yet people from there company chose to make fun of my post.Thier lawyers contacted my lawyer right away, yet ignore his calls to solve the problems.

Your better off. There will be a big lawsuit over this.


Dude feel ur pain. Got my equipment fast no probs,but after some misfortunest ( went out of business from the big D )they told me I had to come up with the entire balance now cuz they couldn't work with an individual. Wich led to B*******y DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMP.

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